Is this a violation of TOS or EULA?

Composing Gloves
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I was making a video on how to copy the registry archives so that you could batch relocate your libraries on a new machine without having to re-scan for them one by one. (I can't believe this is still the solution.) However, I don't want to run into trouble so I figured someone here might know better if this is safe to publish or not.


  • JesterMgee
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    Can't see it would be an issue, people post workarounds to the limitations of the NI eco system all the time. If it's clearly accessible it can't be a problem.

  • Composing Gloves
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    That's what I figured, copying register archives isn't new either but I wasn't sure if sharing something that involves that was ok. I don't see why it wouldn't be but its good to hear that it's most likely fine. It's been a known solution on the forms since at least 2018.

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