Is Korg DS1H Sustain Pedal compatible with KK A61?

Amir kh
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Did anybody try Korg DS1H Sustain Pedal with KK A61? Is Korg DS1H Sustain Pedal compatible with KK A61?


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Amir kh This pedal was never tested but there is a setting for half damper pedals that you can check in this article: How to Configure Sustain / Expression Pedals on KOMPLETE KONTROL Keyboards

    Half-Damper (Pedal B)

    1. Connect a footswitch that is capable of Half-Damper pedaling.
    2. Note: Please check this article for a compatible list of pedals.
    3. Click Pedal B and set the Mode to Cont (Continuous).
    4. Set the Type to Ctrl Change.
    5. Set the MIDI Channel to 1.
    6. Set the Number to MIDI CC# 64.

    The complete assignment for Half-Damper is summarized in the image below.


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