Enter key doesn't work in Komplete Kontrol browser?

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I'm using Komplete Kontrol 2.7.0. When I run the standalone Komplete Kontrol software, I can use the up- and down-arrow keys to browse through presets, then hit Enter to load a preset. When I run KK as a plugin in my DAW, the arrow keys let me browse through the presets the same way, but the Enter key does nothing. (I've tried it in Ableton Live and Bitwig Studio.) The only way to load a preset is to double-click it with the mouse - annoying. This must be a bug, right? Why doesn't the plugin version of KK have the same keyboard shortcuts as the standalone version?


  • Blindeddie
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    not a bug, the host DAW Steals the Enter key...some DAWS have options to pass all key presses to plugins, not sure about Ableton or Bitwig.

  • RandomS
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    It doesn't look like the DAW is stealing the Enter key. In Kontakt's Quick Load pane, the Enter key works fine to load an instrument. The only plugin I've found where the Enter key doesn't work is Komplete Kontrol.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @RandomS It is a limitation of Plug-ins. By default the DAW intercepts the key commands. You will see similar behaviour in Plug-ins from other manufacturers too.

  • Syngularity
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    It's particularly annoying, when you are familar to browse presets within U-He plugins or Omnisphere with the arrow keys, for instance. And then alternatively open them within the Komplete Kontrol plugin - for using its benefits -, you will have to mouse click orgy again.

    Developers should do everything possible to avoid mouse click orgys today!

  • RandomS
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    There must be a disconnect here. As I already said, the Enter key works fine in Kontakt and every other plug-in I've tried (from NI and other manufacturers). In fact, the Enter key even works in the Files tab of Komplete Kontrol's Browser! The only place where the Enter key is not working for me is in the Library tab of Komplete Kontrol's Browser. There is just no way that this behavior can be a limitation of plug-ins - it must be a problem with the Komplete Kontrol software.

  • Howard
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    very annoying . Komplete Kontrol you need to solve this

  • lematrix
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    have the same problem. ist really PITA

    please Native Instrument, find a way to browse easy in the Library Page.

    You can use up and down with the Keys but when want listen to a sound you need to grab again the mouse

  • NicolasG
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    This annoys me as well. I want to use my enter key (or anything on my pc keyboard) to load the preset

  • Kymeia
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    I guess NI expect most people to use NI Keyboards to browse and load presets without the mouse

  • Jojo123
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    Agree. Douleclicking a mouse to load sounds shouldn't happen. Please let us use the Enter Key NI.

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