Just out of the box a49 trying to hook up but I get no sound on the keys

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I can hear the browser preview but when I load the instrument I get nothing out of my keys - all the rotary knobs change parameters and the sample or instrument loads on the pc screen it just doesn't make any sound, is there something I'm doing wrong? Please help.



  • Blindeddie
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    Have you checked preferences to see if the Komplete Kontrol Midi driver is selected for Input (There are two drivers, midi and DAW). If that’s not it, check Device Manager to see if there is an issue with the Midi Driver. Another thing to do is unplug the KB uninstall the KK Software, reinstall the KK software and then plug the KB back in… post back the results of checking these things…

  • KidMerlyn
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    I ended up "Fixing" the problem by unplugging and replugging the USB - it seems to have solved it, though every other time I load up maschine I have to replug my mikro or my A49 to get them to start working. I don't have a good solution but resetting the device seems to fix it..

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Are you using an antivirus or firewall ? Are your devices plugged directly to a USB port of your computer, to a USB hub ? Is this hub self powered ? Are you running Komplete Kontrol as administrator ?

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