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Hej there

so far I couldn't figure out how to record the smart play functions midi output in Logic. The manual and support pages aren't helping as well (or I missed it). Also doesn't help that the software and the controller are named the same. ;)

When I activate "scale" or "arp" on my keys or via KK software, it only records the root note I played, not the whole chord or arp.

What do I have to do to activate this that Logic Pro records everything that I played?



  • Keith Cocker
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    My understanding is that only the Midi notes you actually play (i.e. press with your fingers!!) actually get recorded. Then provided you replay with the same settings for Smart play you will hear the full chord/scale. As far as I know in Logic the only way to "record" the full midi is to bounce the midi file down to an audio track. Not ideal I think!

  • NeonBlackCat
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    Ofc that is how it works the normal way, that's how it's set up, if it wasn't I wouldn't had to make this post! :)

    But for now I've seen there are workarounds for Ableton. The technical info of the notes being played is there and so there has to be a way to get them out of the KK system and onto whatever piano-roll/midi-track you're using.

  • JesterMgee
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    It depends on how the DAW can handle MIDI routing, apparently Logic isn't all that good at it.

    The "Smart Play" features are part of the KK plugin so when you record your MIDI keyboard input oin the track you have KK loaded onto, you simply get what keys you press recorded.

    However, the KK plugin has a separate MIDI output which can be directed to a second track in your DAW as you would when using other plugins like Cthulhu, Captain Chords, Scaler etc.

    Basically you need a second track that you can receive MIDI IN from another track. This is not possible or obvious in all DAWs and i'm not one to touch Logic personally but here is a video on how I do it in Ableton Live:

    You can then record the whole chord or even an arp pattern on the second track allowing for much more flexible use of the feature when it comes time to edit and progress.

  • NeonBlackCat
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    Thank you Jester

    I feared it was something like that but at least it is possible. Bit of a shame NI hasn't put the option into KK (either soft- or hardware) as I can think of this function to be liked by many ppl! :)

    So this means activating the KK DAW or however the function is called?!

    So NI, if you read this: pretty please put a full midi out function into your smart play feature, that'd be really, y'know, smart! ;)

  • JesterMgee
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    It's not an NI issue/thing, it's how you have to do it based on the video I posted and if Logic does not have this ability then it's (another) limitation of Logic. If you think about how it is working it makes sense. You send a single MIDI note which the plugin sees and this triggers a chord. The only way to see "what" this chord is would be to then send that generated chord out of the plugin.

    It's how it has always been done for any sequencer or chord based plugin that you need to send the generated data back to either a track or externally to hardware. Apple overlooked all of that when designing Logic (and AU for that matter) because, well, Apple never consider other things outside their eco system.

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