Kontakt 7 issues on Cakewalk by bandlab

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I 've been experiencing issues since launch of Kontak 7 using any of the Getgood Drums libraries; ex: Modern and Massive, Invasion, PV.

Cakewalk audio engine will randomly spike at 500% during playback. After multiple playback/stop, Kontakt 7 will freeze and make digital garbling noise which will make Cakewalk crash.

If I click on Kontakt's (!) icon, the garbling digital noise will stop but won't playback any loaded instrument afterward. I'm force to close Cakewalk and reopen the project.

All Kontakt settings are at the default with the exeption of the Intrument Preload buffer size which I've set to 120k, instead of the default 60k. Which doesn't fix the issue.

Could anyone please assist! Thank you!

System Spec:

Cakewalk latest version (2023.09 Build 075, 64bit)

Kontakt latest version (VST3 7.7.3)

Windows 11, latest build

Intel Core i5 13600k


M.2 Samsung 980

Nvidia RTX 4060

Antelope Audio Zen Go audio Interface (latest USB-C Drivers)

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