Native Instruments is now part of Soundwide + freebies 🎁

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Today, we are announcing and celebrating the introduction of Soundwide, our newly named parent company, bringing us one step closer to reimagining the future of sound.

As many of you will know, last year, we joined forces with iZotope and we now have the pleasure of introducing you to three new members of the Soundwide family: Plugin Alliance, Brainworx, and Sound Stacks.

You can read more about what it means on our blog here:

Now - let's celebrate with free plugins for everyone 🚀

We're offering a total of eight free plugins, worth over $1,700 at RRP until April 26th. 

  • Ethereal Earth is a hugely popular entry in our Play Series (Kontakt/Kontakt 6 Player). It’s packed full of sitars, gongs and synthesizers that you can twist into cinematic pads and textures via a row of intuitive macro controls. 
  • Neutron Elements is the perfect introduction to iZotope’s suite of AI-enhanced mixing tools, covering EQ, transient control, excitation, and compression.
  • Plugin Alliance and Brainworx have raised the bar with six full versions of some of their most popular plug-ins in one convenient package. You get Black Box Analog Design HG-2, Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor, Ampeg SVT-VR Classic, bx_masterdesk, bx_oberhausen, and bx_console Focusrite SC.

Download Ethereal Earth

Download Neutron Elements

Download the Plugin Alliance/Brainworx Welcome Bundle

Last but not least, there's also vouchers kicking around on our website here



  • AdelV
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  • Matt_NI
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    @AdelV The MVP right there! You can't be snoozing on this one 🔥

  • tempsperdu
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    The plot thickens....... Well, Plugin Alliance sure has a good subscription and sales strategy, some might say, so it certainly could be interesting from that perspective. Does this mean we will see proper VST3 and scalable GUI's in our very own lifetime.......???? 😜

  • tempsperdu
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    edited April 2022


    You might sooner than you think 🤫

    That would make a lot of people happier than they are right now 😀

    (P.S. Does that include the Brainworx stuff?)

  • Nico_NI
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    I'm not too sure about the Brainworx products, the news is still quite fresh even for us.

  • Trevor Meier
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    This is huge. PA has a generous, sane, user-friendly sales model that blends unit sales, subscription and subscribe-to-own. I hope that becomes the model for the rest of Soundwide.

    I suspect the most significant long-term impact of this deal is the part that gets the least attention in the press releases: Sound Stacks.

    • JUCE is huge
    • Almost every product at NI has its origins in Reaktor or Kontakt
    • NI is significantly behind user expectations and developer needs in modernizing it’s codebase

    If Sound Stacks successfully integrates the best of JUCE, Kontakt, Reaktor, BX and iZotope in a platform attractive to 3rd-party developers, that will be massive.

    Congrats @Matt_NI @Nico_NI and the rest of the NI team. You’ve probably been sitting on this for awhile… hopefully an exciting new era for NI!

  • Sequencesounds
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    I'm a serial complainer about the current state of Maschine... but I want to thank NI, PA and Izotope for a very generous giveaway!

    Black Box HG-2 is something I have had my eyes on for a while - and the other PA plugins that are given away are really top notch

    Thank you!

  • Matt_NI
    Matt_NI Administrator Posts: 1,079 admin

    I couldn't agree more and there's definitely a lot to learn across all these brands. Excited to see what will come out of it.

  • Uwe303
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    Wow that's some news - and really cool stuff to download.


  • ShelLuser
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    Very interesting developments indeed! Not sure what to think of all this, but still this all seems fully logical to me, all companies definitely have things in commom.

    And those plugins.... wow... I've been using Ethereal Earth & Neutron for quite a while already and both are personal favorites of mine; to get those for free is a pretty big deal! Obviously I secured my claim on the welcome package, can't wait to give that a try tomorrow; will probably place the suite within a "Soundwide" folder, or something close.

    Still, what I am hoping for first is that you guys will combine your download managers into one. That's my only main gripe with some modern stuff: most require a 'manager' and in some cases this program continues to run even after you closed it (this does not happen with NA btw). So really hoping that eventually things will get combined somehow.

    Other than that... won't be able to relax in my home studio before tomorrow, so I have something to look out for.

    Thanks for the awesome deal! I have no idea what to expect from Plugin Alliance, but ... one way to find out!

  • nightjar
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    HUGE news... lots to ponder on the roadmap now!

  • nightjar
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    BUT... very disappointing for the initial impression I get from the lack of diversity in Soundwide's "Artist Board".

    Very limited in the vision and scope of this selection. Shortsighted and off-putting.

    Soundwide Artist Board:

    • Alicia Keys (Singer/songwriter/musician/producer)
    • Ann Mincieli (Engineer/mixer)
    • EL-P of Run the Jewels (Rapper/Producer/Composer/Performer)
    • Jacob Collier (Multi-Instrumentalist/Songwriter/Arranger/Producer)
    • Ludwig Göransson (Composer/producer)
    • Noah “40” Shebib (Producer/engineer/songwriter)
    • Take A Daytrip (Production duo)
    • Tayla Parx (Artist/Songwriter/Entrepreneur)
    • Young Guru (Engineer/Producer/DJ)

  • Uwe303
    Uwe303 Moderator Posts: 2,904 mod

    Are those artists really that important? I just look a the products and if i can use them for me, no matter what label/artist the company puts on it, cause it's the current thing. I watch videos about products and use trials.


  • Matt_NI
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    What do you mean exactly by lack of diversity? From a scope/vision, it seems pretty diverse to me considering you have singer songwriter, composer, engineers and producers. I'm not sure if it was mentioned too but in the future, we'll grow the Artist Board and welcome new members.

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