new issue with komplete kontrol- confused

CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

Suddenly KK shows most NI instruments as "could not load plug in " arturia uvi and others all work!!! i get the pre hear for say 40s very own keys, Alicias keys etc but when i select a sound i get the "could not load plug in" similarly with nearly all NI products.

I confess i use external sd drives and I guess ive just confused KK with them, and ive tried scanning everything numerous times, adding folders to user library where i think i may find a fix, to no avail. ive deleted KK and reinstalled , and ive just updated to 3.1.1 hoping it would fix but nope!! after scanning i also get loads of incompatible files showing in a splash screen and they're all ngrr files, but the same splash states that ngrr files are compatible ???? im so confused and a bit sick of it TBH

my question is whats the idiot proof roadmap for library/ user library and plug in folders/ locations that KK needs to function as it used to - really well !!!!!


  • Kymeia
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    Sounds like as a minimum you need to have Kontakt installed in the default plugin location as the ones that are not working seem to be Kontakt libraries because it can’t find the plugin

    you should not install apps and plugins on external drives

    CHRIS HUME Member Posts: 21 Member

    and when you get to a point where your C drive is almost full because youve spent thousands and thousands of quid on Kontakt instruments that dont function - where do you go? seems like im my own worst enemy for for being loyal to kontakt

  • Kymeia
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    You can put your sample content on the external drives, that’s what takes up the big gigs, not so much the plugins and apps

    Komplete Kontrol needs to scan the plugin folder to find the Kontakt plugin, if it can’t that’s where you would get those error messages

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