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The master volume for KK is a tiny needle five pixels wide that I have to stop what I'm doing, grab the mouse and adjust it.

Every preset has a different average volume output, so on one preset it's too loud and the next I can barely hear it. I have to adjust the volume almost every time I change the preset.

Most plugins don't utilize the KK keyboard's touch strip at all, but Native Instruments didn't see fit to link the touchstrip to the KK plugin's master volume. ? The slider has no way of being linked to a controller for some unknown reason. It's adjusted with the mouse on the computer screen, so the only way to adjust volume output is to hunt down the current plugin's volume knob, if it has one at all. Instead of just providing a master volume MIDI link for the slider.

The KK setup and the NKS Standard revolves around preset management, and being hands-on the keyboard without having to touch the mouse. But the presets' volume levels are all over the ice. This glaring issue has never been addressed?

You're telling me I have ten pages of knob control over my plugins, most of them being superfluous parameters, yet my $1k keyboard can't even control the volume? REALLY?

So I try and link the touchstrip to a plugin's internal volume knob; manually, using the 'Learn MIDI Link' right click option. It will link but every time I use the preset - + buttons, it FORGETS THE LINK! You got to be kidding me with this.

I'm just trying to do manually what NI should have already taken care of. Yet it won't even remember the link; even when I have to manually set it up every single frikkin time I want to use it. To make things worse, that AAS MIDI light still blinks when moving the touchstrip, so it knows exactly what address it's receiving from. But NI's plugins from NI's own keyboard doesn't.

When the keyboard is in 'Plugin' mode, the endless encoder isn't used for anything. How come it isn't set to be the master volume? Where each tick is 1 dB? And button press is panic/mute toggle? (That would at least be better than nothing)

Why does the most popular MIDI hardware manufacturer completely disregard the MOST FOUNDATIONAL AND IMPORTANT ASPECT of music production, namely VOLUME CONTROL!?

Like what the hell is this?


  • JesterMgee
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    Quite the rant there, Maybe you should try RTFM

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    Both Maschine and Komplete Kontrol use the SHIFT button for secondary features. Personally I think NI definitely could have made it more obvious. There's also times when Volume won't work, when in Browser mode for example. Which is a poor design.

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    And you CAN map Kontakt's master volume to any controller if that is what you desire.

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    Pressing SHIFT to access secondary features is pretty much common practice in the hardware industry as far as I know.

  • trusampler
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    Correct, that or actually put dedicated Knobs + Faders on the hardware for dedicated features, for example my MPC X has dedicated knobs / buttons for most things vs the MPC Live which uses the Shift option.

    In the case of Komplete Kontrol, NI went the cheapest route and left ton's of real estate with Shift as their answer to save money on a knob or fader? I get it, but I can totally agree with the OP above. Seems rather cheap of NI to not have more hardware knobs+faders on a controller they ask a premium price for.

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    So I'm OK with the extra step of hitting the shift button and turning the browser knob on my (brand spanking new and very pretty) s88 mk3. Problem is, it ain't working. Trying this in KK standalone mode and the plugin is Noire. Any suggestions?

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    I forgot to check on my question, then forgot all about this.

    Sorry about the rant. Was ticked off it wasn't working for me.

    I have a S61 MkIII coming in the mail. Can't wait.

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    On the Maschine Mk3, 'Shift' + browser knob doesn't control the volume. It controls the play head position.

    BUT there is a button labelled 'Volume [Velocity]' that does. πŸ˜€ When lit, turning the 4D brower knob does increase/decrease the master volume slider on the top right on the application.

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    Is it working for you on the S MK3? It's not for me and searching the manual for 'volume' did not yield any results, only for DAW control to change the DAW track volume but not the internal KK-Plug master volume. πŸ€”

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    Yes, thank you. The issue was with the keyboard, not the Machine, but thanks anyway.

  • SuperTRev
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    Sorry for the delay again. Think my notification settings are not set up to notify me.

    Ya I don't seem to have any volume abilities on this Mk3. Shift down or not, the 4D encoder actually plays a keyboard note (and lights up its corresponding light). The above manual reference talked about a 'browse knob'. I don't see where that would be on this Mk3. In browser mode Shift is reserved for fast browsing, so that isn't going to work with the volume. Personally I would just put the volume on my mod wheel and be done with it. So many presets are so different in their volumes that a really quick volume adjustment right beside my hand would be good. Link my touch strip to the software mod wheel. That setup would be helpful to avoid accidental volume jumps too. With this setup, accidental touch strip touches could mess with the sound but wouldn't be able to blow my speakers and my ears.

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