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Anyone else have the Hardware Connection Service for KK Mk3 fail to install due to the current OSX not being supported? I am on Big Sur, not the latest but still supported by Apple, and I can't seem to get this installed so, therefore, my brand new keyboard is a brick that is stuck on the Serial Number screen. Very frustrating and I couldn't find any mention of this incompatibility on the website with a search.



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    I think that someone else will tell you that the KK Mk3 is not officially out yet so maybe you can not expect things to work yet ! (including pages with information).(You might even have been sold the product too early by mistake by dealer) Also , as far as I know, then N.I. got it's plate full with a problem with the installation of the new Native Access version also , an update maybe related to KK MK3 also !

    Order page says : Pre-order now. Available October 31, 2023 :

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    Prob need to contact the place that sold it ahead of the official release date and ask them what to do. NI may be able to help but seems some vendors are pre-selling these ahead of when they are suppose to.

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    Wow! I wasn't aware that this was even possible. I got it last week from Guitar Center Pro. I updated to the latest Native Access 2.0 and was able to get past the "Serial Number" screen but now it's stuck on the "Get The Latest Update" screen and the link that it provides to go for download 404s out. For anyone else in the same boat, be aware that it appears that this machine WILL NOT work even for sending external MIDI until it goes through this initial setup process. I have put in a support request to NI so I guess I will just have to sit here with a $850 brick for now. Time to go back to the Novation SL61 mk3 until this gets sorted. What a shame!

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    Damn im in the same boat and i contacted NI but the dealer-support team still havent answer back yet , they really need to get a phone customer service line , selling these products for the amount of money and no phone service is ******.

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    When did you get in touch with the dealer-support team?

  • Touchazi
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    Matthew ni

    I still havent got a response back yet i been waiting then i got a note saying my tucket is closed so i have to try again or something smh

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    Could you PM me your email

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    Subject: Seeking Assistance with Installation Issue, Including Full Disk Access

    Dear NI GUYS,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my concern and seek your assistance regarding a recurring issue I have encountered.

    The problem I'm facing pertains to the installation process. After inputting the serial number as instructed, I diligently followed the guidelines to allocate all the necessary programs to my hard drive. Regrettably, despite these efforts, the issue persists, rendering my keyboard unusable. It has been a frustrating experience, and I have been grappling with this problem for several days now.

    In my pursuit of a solution, I have reached out to the respective support channels, but regrettably, I have not received any response from them. This has left me feeling quite disheartened, especially when I recall the efficiency of Berlin's support services in the past.

    I have a hunch that this may be a compatibility issue related to the Big Sur operating system, possibly exacerbated by a combination of Intel and M1 hardware. Though I cannot confirm this, it seems plausible given the timing of the problem. Furthermore, I have also ensured that I have granted full disk access as part of my troubleshooting efforts.

    I would be immensely grateful if you could extend your support and expertise to help resolve this situation. Your prompt response and assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I am eager to regain full functionality of my system.

    Thank you very much for your attention, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Warm regards,


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    Try updating your existing ticket by adding a polite request more for help , in the mean time I will try to call for NI assistance here (@Kaiwan_NI , please take a look at this persons ticket to see if it has become buried)

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    I seem to be having the same problem and it's a bit infuriating. I've been lusting for a KK S-series keyboard for a few years and when the MK3 came out, well...I am but a weak man and could fight my desire no longer. My S61 came today. Registering and updating the firmware was no problem. But, I was tagged out at third base when I could not get the Hardware Connection Service to install. Now, I too am staring at a beautiful screen that will only display my serial number and an invitation to register. And I am still stuck after making sure both Native Access and the NTKDaemon have full disk access. I too am working Big Sur/Intel. I put in a ticket, but from what I've been reading in comments, I'll probably see snow before I see any kind of help from NI. It's a shame, because I've spent quite a chunk of change with them. On the other hand, this is the first time I've had a complaint, so I'll keep my annoyance on a low simmer for the moment. If anyone has found a solution, I'd be most grateful to hear it.

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    Hello all!

    I never really had problems with NI but this one is really anoying.

    I just go my new KK S61 MK3 and and I spent all day trying to install the hardware connexion service and no luck. A lot of people have same problem.

    I tries this links again ad again but it doesn't work :

    • How to Enable Full Disk Access on macOS
    • Kontrol S-Series MK3 Troubleshooting Guide

    Still waiting an answer from the support.

    Any ideas please?


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    What version of macOS are you on? The MK3 needs Ventura or higher according to the product page

    -- Mike

  • Matthew_NI
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    Big Sur is not supported - it must be mac OS 12.5 or higher. That could be part of the problem.

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    J'ai un problème,

    Après avoir franchis toutes les étapes, mon KK S6 MK3 n'arrive pas à installer le "Hardware Connection Service". J'ai suivis toutes les étapes indiqué sur : "Native Access Error Message: "Installation Failed" (Mac)" mais sans succès. Mon écran n'affiche rien d'autres que "Default Midi Template". J'utilise la version macOS 11.7 de BigSur.

    Help Please 😥🙏


  • Matthew_NI
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    Big Sur n'est pas pris en charge. Vous devez utiliser macOS 12 ou version ultérieure avant que nous puissions diagnostiquer un problème.

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