Kontakt 7 vs. Kontakt 5

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I've just upgraded to Kontakt 7. Apart from the way it looks (which I don't care that much about) I'm struggling to hear any advances over Kontakt 5. Maybe the instruments load slightly quicker? But the library seems more-or-less identical.

Please (if you have the inclination) show me what I'm missing!

I'm generally positively-inclined to NI and Kontakt and don't just want to criticise (waste of energy).



  • Michael Groarke
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    Given the available discounts, it did not seem worthwhile to go to Kontakt 7 without also getting new instrument libraries in the form of a Komplete update. Did you purchase the update to Kontakt 7 all by itself?

  • bitconductor
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    I didn't buy Komplete, just got the upgrade to K7. With it, I got the new Kontakt library - well, I thought I did (I downloaded it!) but it sounds identical to the old one, and has the same sorts of instrument preset names. I had watched the promo video for K7 a few times and I was under the impression they'd made available a new library.

    I got a couple of Play instruments in the bundle, but that too was a disappointment as I mistakenly thought I'd be able to choose which ones I got.

    I'm really hoping I can find a tangible advantage to music creation by owning K7 over K5!

  • bitconductor
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    OK, I've watched again the YouTube 'what's new' video.

    Orchestra has been improved, and synths expanded, plus some new guitar bits and pieces.

    Plus the redesigned browser makes it easier to find sounds quicker.

    Fair enough

  • bitconductor
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    I have requested that I can choose my 2 free Play instruments but haven't had a reply properly from NI.

    They've acknowledged i should have received a voucher but they have not sent it.

    This was one reason i wanted to upgrade. I'd really like the 40's Own synths or Karriem Riggins's drums!

    I've asked twice now for the voucher to be sent and I don't understand why it hasn't been


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