New Kontakt Instrument Not Working (NI Ripping Off Customers Rant)

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Was hoping someone could help me out here, because if I understand correctly Native Instruments is essentially misleading and scamming their customers.

I took advantage of the current cyber sale to purchase the "Feel-It" Kontakt Instrument pack at a sale price for $25. Installed it correctly, fired up my DAW, loaded Kontakt, and- wow, look at that. I get an error message saying my version of Kontakt is too old to run the instrument plugin. So I go into Native Access, and sure enough there's an update available for Kontakt. I install the update, thinking this will fix the issue, then reopen my DAW and try again. Doesn't work. I get the same error as before.

Apparently, I have to pay 50 dollars to update from Kontakt 6 to Kontakt 7 in order to run this thing, despite spending 400 dollars on a bundle for Kontakt 6 just last year. HOW are they able to get away with this?? I've already bought Kontakt. I purchased the instrument pack. Somehow this isn't enough to actually be able to use their products as time goes on, because they force you pay a pretty large sum of money to update Kontakt, and you have to update it in order to be able to use newer Kontakt instruments. So essentially they are operating on a subscription model (because you have to continually pay them every year to properly be able to use the product), despite advertising Kontakt as something that can be purchased and owned.

Apologies for the rant, but NI's methods of operating their business and billing regarding these products feels like a ripoff at worst and terribly lacking in transparency at best. Has anyone figured out a way around this issue, or been able to use newer plugins with Kontakt 6? I don't understand how/why these instruments aren't backwards compatible. I'm only ONE version of Kontakt behind the newest one- why should that prevent me from being able to use their products? Again, I've already purchased the instrument pack and given them my money, and I can't even use it. They need to put disclaimers on these products if you're not actually going to be able to use them upon purchasing. Rant over.

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    @synthrobot Feel it can be used with Kontakt 7 Player, like all NI libraries, Kontakt 7 Player is free.


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