You version of Kontakt is too old to load this file. Please update to the latest version.

Isaac J
Isaac J Member Posts: 6 Member

I have been using Electric Mint, Electric Sunburst and Picked Acoustic for a long time and all of a sudden I'm getting an error signal that my Kontakt version is too old. I don't know what is going on, did NI do something to make people have to buy Kontakt 7?? 1) I cannot afford to upgrade and 2) My older mac pro only goes up to Mojave. What makes makes me angry is that it was working just FINE! Can someone please tell me if there is anything I can do?

Thank you


  • Ikatxu
    Ikatxu Member Posts: 22 Member

    I see in the upper corner the letters "[p]layer" which means you are trying to open them with Kontakt Player and not Kontakt. By the sounds of your post, I'm guessing you own the full version of Kontakt? Try opening them with that instead. If it's Kontakt Player that you've been using before as well, you shouldn't have any issues to update to a new version, since it's a free plugin

  • Isaac J
    Isaac J Member Posts: 6 Member

    Hey Ikatxu, thank you! NI actually sent me a link to enable the V Mint, Sunburst and Picked Acoustics that made them work. Wasn't an upgrade but re-added the libraries.

  • Vocalpoint
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    Actually, it was an "upgrade/update" - as the only way to see this message is if you updated these libraries via Native Access within the last couple of weeks.

    All NI Kontakt-based libraries have been undergoing massive updates which make all of them now require Kontakt 7.6.x (or higher) for any future use.

    If you do not yet have Kontakt 7 (or maybe plan to never use Kontakt 7 in the future) - you can never update ANY Kontakt libraries again - so be mindful of this when clicking around in Native Access.

    If you do have other Kontakt libraries not yet effected and suddenly see that an "update" is available in Native Access - suggest you read the Release Notes very carefully or you will be right back in this mess again. (looking for older library links)


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