Help me to solve Komplete Audio 6 MK1 bug with Virtual MIDI Ports & Ableton automation CC

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  • I work with Ableton Live and have created MIDI clip with automated CC values through time that are mapped to automate Ableton Effect parameters for Real-Time Audio Input(for playing live with guitar in my case and triggering some cool effects).
  • I use Windows computer and loopMIDI Application to create Virtual Midi port inside Ableton named "loopMIDI port"
  • Inside Ableton I make 10 second Midi CLIP and set midi to go to "loopMIDI port". Let's say inside the clip I choose 120-CC and draw gradual line that goes value from 0 to 127 for duration of 10 seconds and I map it on Ableton Fader.
  • This works perfectly with Motu Ultralite MK3: I trigger the clip fader goes up smoothly/gradually for 10 seconds.
  • Bug when I switch to Komplete 6 Soundcard <- grey one. In ableton preferences go to ASIO: Komplete Audio6: When I trigger the same MIDI clip. The fader jumps from 0 to around 50 in a millisecond. Then goes up to 127. No smooth action, all midi parameters are chaotic and jumpy.
  • MIDI OUT blinking on Komplete Audio 6 interface when i trigger such midi clip.
  • Bug likely caused by software/driver issue with Komplete Audio(?)
  • Need help finding root cause and fixing the bug. Work arounds ideas. Many thanks I need to solve this issue ASAP:(


  • ernestaskk
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    Here is the problem. because it should co from 0 to 127 incramentaly and not jumpy. When I dont use Native Instruments ASIO drivers the problem is solved. But then I can't use the soundcard anymore.

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    Tried other virtual midi devices. Issue stays the same. I dont understand. Tried Asio4ALL drivers and it's a workaround. Unfortunately sends double values it's not 100% and goes a bit as with low frame rate. + i dont trust asio4all in general as they seem to be more laagy but for Now that's the best solution I have.

    I will keep updated how it goes further down the line.

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    @ernestaskk I'm not sure to understand what you are trying to achieve here. You mention MIDI automation and you mention applying it to the ASIO driver of the sound card? Shouldn't be the MIDI port instead? Forgive me if I'm tripping here.

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    Sorry, this is very simple, but I'm just too stupid and make it over-complicated. Here is another shot at trying to explain it in more clean manner.

    What I'm trying to achieve here is to program automated MIDI CC messages using Ableton + Virtual Midi:

    1: I have empty Ableton MIDI clip that has automatization line that goes from 0 to 127 in 5 seconds.

    2: I assign that this automatization line of empty MIDI clip to act as CC87. So now this MIDI clip sends CC87 that goes from 0 to 127 in 5 seconds.

    3: I set this empty Ableton Midi clip to go to VIRTUAL MIDI PORT OUTPUT.

    4: I set Ableton to receive VIRTUAL MIDI PORT INPUT.

    5. I map Ableton REVERB dry/wet to react to CC87.

    RESULT= When you press this empty MIDI clip(it has automation line CC87 from 0 to 127. Takes about 5 seconds to go to 127) - it moves reverb dry/wet from 0 to 100 in 5 seconds.

    Thats all I'm doing here.I do it, because I want to control various parameters while I'm playing live. Below is detailed explanation 'why' and what is wrong with ASIO:Komplete 6


    I play live guitar and I want to control 4 or more different effects at the same time while I have my hands on fretboard. I don't have enough hands, legs. Midi protocol is simplest solution (another one is max4live) in order to control various Audio effects in live setting at once.

    With the solution above I map my midi pedalboard key to this particular empty midi clip in Ableton and it triggers 4 different automation lines at same time:

    1. Reverb that goes up from 1 sec to 10 sec gradually triggered with (MIDI CLIP CC87)
    2. Audio effect chain turns on during 5 seconds. triggered with (MIDI CLIP CC88)
    3. This one particular effect switches off triggered with (MIDI CLIP CC89)
    4. Feedback of delay goes to 90% triggered with (MIDI CLIP CC90)

    Using automated MIDI CC messages through Virtual MIDI Port is the most basic solution and it works like a charm with any other soundcard/drivers. However, automated MIDI CC messages through Virtual MIDI Port doesn't work with ASIO: KOMPLETE 6 drivers:

    When you switch to ASIO:KOMPLETE 6 in Ableton live preferences and trigger the same programmed MIDI clip. Those mapped values jump like crazy it's just not workable.

    !VIRTUAL MIDI PORT clashes with Komplete 6 ASIO drivers!

    ASIO4All:Komplete 6 2in2out and keep using virtual midi ports - works much better. The movement isn't smooth though and choppy, but it works. The problem is that ASIO4ALL give only left / right output and not both 1/2 3/4 for Komplete 6 soundcard. So, for me this isn't enough, and the solution isn't good.

    Solution I figured: Sell Komplete 6 soundcard and buy better one that doesn't use native instrument drivers, or just use Max 4 Live and avoid using Virtual Midi Ports for that.


    *using real midi cable and plugging it into in/out of komplete6 isn't a solution for me, because I already use those ports for another controller.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    I'm sorry, still confused why you are assigning MIDI, even if virtual, to the ASIO driver. It is an audio driver and is not supposed to handle MIDI. I'm not sure you'll get better results with an other sound card (except if it has more MIDI inputs and outputs). You can automate a lot of things in Ableton without the need for virtual MIDI.

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    Thats ok let me try to explain again:

    1. I don't assign MIDI to Asio driver. When you go to ableton preferences you can choose asio or whatever there is on your audio list.
    2. when you go to midi preferences in ableton you choose midi in outs of whatver is in the list.

    Here is what i'm saying:

    1.When you choose VIRTUAL midi in midi list and ASIO:Komplete 6 in audio = in this combo VIRTUAL midi doesnt work and sends non-sensical midi messages Is what I'm saying.

    2.When you choose Virtual MIDI in midi list and ASIO4all: komplete 6 and any other soundcard and drivers other than ASIO:Komplete6 in Audio list. Virtual midi works correct is what i'm saying.

    To sum up: What I"m saying is that there is some sort of bug and interaction happening with Windows ASIO:Komplete6 drivers and virtual ports in Windows and it's a fact. I don't assign them to interact. It's just what happens. Try it yourself if you dont believe me.

    If you still don't understant tell me what you don't understand and I'm more than willing to explain in details. No worries!

    "You can automate a lot of things in Ableton without the need for virtual MIDI.":

    Give me a way to click one button in ableton and it automates 4-5 different parameters of audio effects in audio track with recording arm on. Bare in mind it should be in LIVE performance setting and i should be able to pre-program these movements and use them in live performance setting.

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