Arturia Minilab MK3 seems to cause my Maschine+ to reboot. Anyone else running into this?



  • Jeremy_NI
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    @ndguardian Thanks for the update! At least you have a working workaround!

  • Styles01
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    Hey I'm having this issue too. Minilab 3 def causes Maschine to restart as soon as you hit a key. Confirmed that happens in both USB-A ports. Adding to the issue is that the minilab 3 is a USB-C device (comes with a C-A cable, which, of course fits in the USB-A port of the Maschine+). Would need to find a powered USB hub, but it def adds to the annoyance, because Maschine+ with a powerbank, a battery powered speaker and a tiny midi keyboard (like Minilab) is the optimal on-the-go all-in one livelooping station.

  • Styles01
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    To be honest, this doesn't seem like a power issue, as the Maschine+ seems to reset as soon as you enable MIDI in from the Minilab USB.

  • Styles01
    Styles01 Member Posts: 22 Member

    Update: this seems to be some sort of corruption in the messaging over USB. It works fine if you connect both the USB cable and a midi cable, and then on the Maschine+ select the "oldschool" midi cable as your input [Minilab shows up as 4 different USB inputs for some reason].

    The USB works to power your minilab, and if you also use a midi cable as the messenger, you're good to go.

    Hopefully NI and Arturia can work out what's going on in the USB messaging that's causing Maschine+ to reset.

  • Aziz
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    Ordered the minilab 3 to use it with maschine + and just found this post, can anyone confirm if the issue was resolved yet?

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