Where do I start with Komplete ?

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Hi. I am a Komplete novice. I am overwhelmed with all the "software pieces" and trying to understand where to start with learning how to configure and use the hardware with my DAW.

I have an Apple computer running Mac OS X 11.7.3 with Logic Pro 10.7.4

I have a Komplete Kontrol A25 keyboard connected to my computer via USB that I purchased a couple of years ago, but haven't had the opportunity to focus on using the NI products with Logic Pro until just recently.

So, I updated my Native Access software and all the products that needed to be updated.

Quickly, I found myself asking "Now what?"

How do I become familiar with the NI products and using them with Logic Pro and going through an organized learning process with an approach for teaching complete novice?

Help greatly appreciated.



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    I don't know where to start in explaining.

    At it's root there are 3 things. Kontakt, Reaktor and standalone synths that operate as plugins, such as, Massive, Monark, FM8. DId you upgrade or are you using 'Komplete Select'?

    You could jump right in with Komplete Kontrol software as your main plugin, but I think operating any of the plugins independently at first is a better introduction.

    Your controller is optimized to work seamlessly with KK, so probably your best bet.

    Start reading the manuals

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    Thanks for replying! As far as I'm concerned, that's a great place to start!

    To your first point - Where would I find the manuals for Kontakt (Kontakt 7?) and Reaktor? They don't seem to have user guides with the Native Instruments applications that were installed. Also, don't think I did any upgrade, but not seeing anything that mentions 'Komplete Select". I'm using anything that was available for download and install with my Komplete Kontrol A25. There is mention of "Komplete Start", but not sure if I need that or not.

    Will try to find the manuals on the NI website.


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    Komplete Start is where you get K7 Player and Reaktor freebies. plus limited versions of Analaog Dreams and other Play Series stuff.

    These are not PDF


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    You can also check NI's youtube channel, a lot of videos have been added recently and covers a lot of different products: https://www.youtube.com/@NativeInstruments

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