Is "Rounds" Broken ??

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Working with Rounds on a track that needs a finishing touch with morphing parts, working on tweeking my own preset :

My question is "is ROUNDS broken" ? because the FX module is always on, there is no possibility to tweek FX or mix FX signals to any sound slot.

All FX levels remain fixed and Delay and Reverb is always on .

I can't adjust anything either from the synth slots parameters or from the FX section from the level knobs or size or anything

I tried to reinstall and it didn't work

I am using it through KK (who wrapped intrument in Reaktor 5) in Ableton live 10 .

i will try in standalone and report here.

Any help would be appreciated I don't know of any other synth who offers such morphing features


  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 173 Advisor

    Ok so The plugin and FX section behave normally when opened in REAKTOR 6 Standalone mode

    Though through ableton, wether I use it within KK, Reaktor 6 standalone or whatever it doesnt work properly, there is a fixed setting for Reverb and Delay and and no possible variation through FX level or FX send within each synth slot.

  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 173 Advisor

    Sorry seem to be a routing issue in my DAW 😛

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @Kaldosh Care to share how you fix it in case someone with similar issues come across this thread in the future? 🙂

  • Kaldosh
    Kaldosh Member Posts: 173 Advisor

    I just had to put things straight in my mind, and realise that before blaming you or the software I should double check everything,

    Also it is so complicated for me to work on any of my project with serenity so have to go back and forth all the time and am never to focus for hours in a row... I long passed the 10000 hours and have no technical or artistic limitations, only have to compose with my daily @&*/- . I even wonder how I have ever been able to finish so much trach knowing the constant mess I have to dealwith 😥 . and I am probably the only one to blame (I hope not though)

    Still, as you can see I am not affraid to look like a fool 😛.

    Rounds is really a great tool, (though very cpu intensive)takes time to master and I am far from it.

    As a side note(if you allow me), for those who care to dive in it and build their own sound, I strongly recommend this in depth tutorial from Point Blank who helped a lod (5 parts, it is a long watch but worth it)



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