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Any chance of a Maschine Mk4 in the works?

I noticed a $100.00 price reduction & found this on the interweb...

Maschine Mk4 - Release Date, Rumors, News (2023) - Starting to DJ

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    Well... the author of that article you posted said this at the end:

    I don’t believe a new version is coming anytime soon. The Maschine+ just came out with the very same layout, pretty much ensuring that the Mk3 is going to be the form factor for at least two years. Source

    Also, I didnt see any rumors or news there despite the tittle, at the end of the day the whole article is just a personal opinion.

    There's always a chance it's going to happen but IMO it's very slim, at least for the next couple of years, making a more modern controller now when the M+ is still new and the flagship would make it look "old" but anything is possible.

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