Keyboard with Maschine built in it.

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I think creating a Keyboard with Maschine build will be a huge idea. Is this possible?


  • Soutilé
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    Have a look at the S series.

    The ones with the big screen, IAM sure, you can upload Maschine directly, without needing a computer.

  • JesterMgee
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    Well, anything can be possible with enough money, and Akai released the new MPC Key 61 doing basically what you ask.

    The question would be how many people need/want a keyboard with all that hardware built into it since it would typically be performers that would need it, usually the hardware instruments and sequencers are limited compared to using the power of a PC. Personally I much prefer to ahave separate hardware for separate functions because it is more flexible, usually costs less and is easier to upgrade a part of the system instead of ditching the whole thing in 8 years because the development has stalled and the 12 instruments that work on it are tired and stale....

    Next would be the price people would want to pay. I think in AUD the Akai MPC keyboard is $3200 which is quite a hefty cost for something that is purely reliant on the quality of the software within not to mention the performance etc.

    Not out of the realms of possibility, that would be my guess for the next release, just something some would say would be nice until the price is announced.

    No, you cannot do this. It does nothing at all without a computer being attached other than very basic MIDI communication, there is no software on-board at all.

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