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Good morning everyone. This is an automatic translation. I worked for years with Gigastudio (first v 2.5 and then 3 orchestra) and today I very much regret the NFX1 effect which, even with essential adjustments, offered an exceptionally real reverb. I'd like to know if it's possible to find a stand alone version of this effect even if maybe it's not called NFX1 anymore. Thanks to whoever will answer me.


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    Hey @Riccardo, I cannot find any link or information regarding that NFX1 reverb. Do you have more details? How is it related to Native Instruments?

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    The NFX1 and NFX4 were built-in effects from Tascam Gigastudio and I believe they were from Native Instruments. I have used RVerb, Lexicon, Cubase Roomworks etc. but none of these are as simple and real as NFX1. In Gigastudio it is possible to listen in MIDI monitor mode to the effect already before recording. It is an exceptional possibility. PS the POST Steinway D is perfect.

    I just found out a minute ago that these effects are from Nemesys. I am attaching a page that refers to an old version of Gigastudio

    Nemesys Music Technology Gigasampler 160 (soundonsound.com)

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