Traktor s4 mk1 not recognized by Traktor Pro

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I just bought second hand.

My first time.

Do I need software to connect? Can I connect using the serial only?

Help! don't laugh I need your expertise

No sound so far.

I've updated drive and I'm using an old laptop dell which has no cd insert. Am I wasting my time?

This light flashes on ND off.

I got this far. I've plugin speaker but is reading this.

Is it because I have no disc/ software




  • MrCee
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    Make sure the S4 is plugged in to the USB

    See Drivers and other files for downloads

    For Further information about compatibility, see Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on Windows

  • Marty15089
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    I have the same issue at the moment . Did you get it sorted. Please let me know if you did.

  • MrCee
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    Let us know how you have the same problem? It could help us understand the OP better

    As per OP, Do you have S4 MK1 Hardware and the software shows MK2 drivers not connecting?

    Please send screenshots. I would suggest getting the correct drivers and/or making sure the system recognised the S4 as a soundcard via USB.

    Either way, I recommend a hardware upgrade.

  • Rodney Bartlett
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    I have exactly the same issue with Traktor Kontroller S4 MK1

    Was there a solution to this.

    I have been told to purchase Traktor PRo2 or PRo3.

    I have done that. But cannot locate any input option for S4 MK1,,, only for S4 MK2, and then it shows Traktor Kon

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