start/end points problem-kontakt 7

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i've chopped a sample in to 4 "chops",

and i am trying to adjust the start and end points of each "chop".

I can visually see the start and end points changing when i move them,

but i can't hear any change. All i can hear is anything within the "chop" region-

and nothing outside of it.

I hope this a simple thing i am missing- but i've used kontakt 5 for years and never

had this problem. Any help greatly appreciated!

(I'm on Mac os 13.0 running logic)


  • Uwe303
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    do you mean you've set loop "areas" with chopped. Normally you copy a sample to different keys and set start/end/loop on every key. Maybe you can describe it a bit better or make a picture. So I can understand what you mean. Or simply describe what you aiming for.

  • andy.gardner43
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    Thanks- so basically I’ve worked out that kontakt is automatically creating volume zone envelopes whenever I chop a sample up. (For each individual zone)

    My question now is how do I stop kontakt from doing this? Preferably as a default, I know you can turn zone envelopes off but I’d rather not have to deal with them until I choose to.

    Any help would be great thanks.

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