Kore 2 ISO - still available to download?

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I'm trying to resurrect some old project files that used Kore 2. (A lovely bit of software, but alas very very unsupported now.)

We used to be able to download the ISO from our NI account, but now the button has been replaced with a "Download with Native Access" button. Obivously, Native Access won't download this. -- Is there anywhere I can get the ISO? - I really want to get this ancient project working.




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    Well, I guess even if you manage to get ISO and install it. There is no way to authorise it after instalation, I am affraid. Service Center is down. And Native Access will not do it. :-((((

    EDIT, @sd.ai it was not true.....

    NA may authorise Kore 2.

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    I thought Native Access still authorised it. That's disappointing if that's the case... But I'm pretty sure it does recognise Kore 2.

    I've still got a couple more issues with the project. It used Battery 3 - there's still a download for that but the artist kits aren't included which are what's in use. I suspect I'm going to need Kontakt 4 and the factory library as well.

    If only I still had my Komplete 6/7 DVDs. - I think I Marie Kondo'd them, alas.

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    Sorry, I was wrong. You may authorise Kore 2 using NA.

    If there is no download link for ISO on your account you may ask NI Support to provide you with download link.

    Battery 3 and Komplete 6/7 should be OK. It should be possible for you to download them and authorise using NA.

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    I can't find a way to download legacy products using NA.

    NI have a page for downloading Battery 3 https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000549845 - but it doesn't include the artist kits that were (I think) in Komplete 7.

    There's no link to Kore 2 any more now though. I've asked support as you suggest, will let you know how I get on. Thanks :-)

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    Maybe you have to enter the Licence Code for Battery and Komplete to Native Access, first.

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    koretwo was a great product I can't understand why it was discontinued it sounds were sonic and polyphonic yeah dude had an extreme variety of great sounds and the template was easy to navigate through I would like to see it resurrected!

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    Same Issue here. I am one of the crazy nerds that really love(d) the kore 2 Hard and software. I filled out a support request with my serial numbers and demandet some kind of kore 2 iso download link. I guess they will do it.

    But way more interesting is the following: Has anyone tried to create a bot that batch converts all the prests of(any) loaded vsti 2 synths to kore? In this amazing times of AI it must be possible to ask chat gpt or so to write a routine, right?


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    you can download the Kore 2.iso directly from here.

    Simply make sure that you also download and install the 2.1.4 update from this place:

    I hope this helps!

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    @Isti_NI Thank you for this!

    When I try to run the installer, I get the following:

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