Is there a mapping template for Serato Studio for the MK3?

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I'm pretty much barely know MIDI and prefer plug-and-play, or hardware/software seamless integration over messing around myself to make things work. Always been a 'inside one box' type of producer, at least that's what I love about Maschine.

But I messed around with the Serato Studio Demo, and the software has quite a few things I'd prefer over Maschine's software at this point.

I was wondering if there is something like a template for the controller editor, making the Mk3 an amazing hardware controller for Serato Studio.

Googling got me nowhere, so was wondering if any of you tried this out, made it, or found it.

Ideally, NI really steps their game up and upgrades the sampler inside Maschine to compete with things like Serato sample. The audio and sampler module should be 1 module, with time stretch, flex points and/or other things integrated, almost all of the competition has this by now. And that stems option in Serato is fantastic. Yes you can do it with RX7 or other options, but to have it as a simple toggle in your sampler module, its so easy and fast, and non destructive.

Maschine also really needs latency compensation to handle those big boys like Isotope, SplitEQ etc, so that, if we can't get it inside the box, at least let Maschine software be able to use those heavy workload plugins without mountains of latency :)


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    I was googling this as well. Super keen to find a template, as I think the two would make a great team!

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