How to easily remove duplicate tracks


a friend of mine has hunderts of songs, which occures 2 or more times in the collection.

The cause is, that CDs ripped and imported into Traktor. <Artist A> <Title B> is on several CDs -> it is several times in Collection.

Is there a tool which deals with the Collection?

I know DupChecker Programs, which can do the Job based on a Filenames.

If no tool can support this task, it must be done by hand within Traktor.



  • Klaus.Meier
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    Any idea or suggestion?

  • Tellmeaboutit123
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  • mahler
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    for windows there exist programs like "Duplicate File Finder" which can search not only based on file-names

    "Right click collection and check consistency" does not to the trick, if this files exist - then they are consistent.

    I have also done it per hand ... sort the artists, sort the titles etc.and then choose the surplus and delete ...

  • Klaus.Meier
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    Thank you.

    I just found Lexicon

    What I read on the webseite, it seems to do the job. I will check it out the next days.

  • SteveKDJ
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    I will not be the object of your affection:

    But with all the programs for DJs everywhere, they're just getting ripped off financially.

    $17 a month (Lexicindj) and all that. it's a crazy thing.

    And it's okay if you don't send me to "warmer climes."

    I found the best solution for finding duplicate files in Ashampoo Winoptimizer.

    And the NI people will be shouting about it: DO NOT use Optimizers.. It's very difficult

  • Demus
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    Google Helium music manager or PerfectTUNES. Two programs that may fix your problem.

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