Upgrade from Maschine MIKRO Mk1. Can I update Maschine 1 software only?

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Hi everyone, apologies if this has been covered or perhaps it's a silly question. Here's my issue:

I purchased a Maschine Mikro Mk1 many years ago, and have been using it on my High Sierra system for the best part of 8 years. I have since upgraded to a M1 MacBook Pro and am to understand that the hardware is understandably no longer compatible.

The thing is, I never used the Mikro hardware, however the Maschine software plugin was integral to my projects for beat creation and getting quick ideas down, and most of my projects rely on it (I’m well aware that I’m probably utilising a fraction of what it’s capable of, but this is what works for me).

I'm desperate to find a way of installing the software along with original 6GB Maschine sound library it came with so I that my projects are not rendered obsolete. Is this in any way possible? Nothing related to my Machine products even shows up in Native Access (v3.1) anymore, and when I go to re-add the original Serial Number, it just hangs forever. The products are visible when I log in to my web account, along with registered serial numbers etc so I'm assuming this is due to the fact it's simply no longer supported.

Is there a way of attaining the Maschine 2 Software without having to buy a whole new NI MIKRO system? I know there is a “hidden” NI page with links to purchase the software only for those that have the hardware but no SW Licence - would this work? Technically, I've already bought the hardware, albeit a long time ago! Alternatively, is there a way of getting my original Maschine 1 registration in Native Access so I can update it to Maschine 2 there?

If the only solution is to purchase a new Maschine Mikro with the software bundled, does it include the same 6GB sound library as the original? I understand the method for get Maschine 1 projects into Maschine 2, but I'm curious as to whether I'll have the same library of sounds with a new system.

Apologies for all the questions, and thanks in advance. I’ve trawled the web and read threads querying similar issues, but none that seem to categorically answer my question specifically.



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    The easiest way would be to reach out to our support to make sure your Maschine license is registered to your account. You can contact our team here: https://bit.ly/n1registr

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