I'm needing a new MacBook. Should I buy a big enough onboard HD for samples?

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I need some advice from the experts. I'm wanting to move to a laptop and the new M2 MacBook Pro's look amazing. My question is: Is it better to have samples on the computer itself if possible, or on an external drive? Right now, I'm using a Samsung T7 to host my samples, but would it be even better to pony up the $$ and get an internal HD big enough to hold those? Thanks

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    Well, if you are asking the question because you have the option (spare kidney) for a larger upgrade, IMO it makes zero sense to get a smaller sized hdd if you have the available organs to trade for a larger one. Why ruin the sleek and portability of a nice new macBook by hanging the guts and life support equipment off one of the limited USB ports if you have the option to put that inside. After all, not like it is ever piossible to upgrade it should you decide it would have been more conventeint at the time.

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    Thanks, Bubbles. I’m totally down with the ease of not having danglers. I’m really wondering if Kontakt/Logic will be more efficient if the samples were on the same drive as the software. Or would it be less efficient because it is taxing HD more?

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    That doesn't matter, what matters is the speed of the drive.

    The internal speed of the drive on an M2 Pro will be 2x or 4x faster than a Samsung T7 but any of the 2 choices is fast enough for samples.

    Personally, I think it's smarter to invest in more Ram than drive space on the new Macs, you can always add external drives but you're stuck with the amount of ram you initially pick.

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    I think the M2 MacBook Air is beautiful, powerful and just about the best silent laptop you can buy for music production. We can safely say that, after making music on laptops for more than 20 years, the Air M2 is the music production laptop we've been waiting for.

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