Layering effects behind the Pattern Player

Stevan Member Posts: 1,274 Expert

I am actually having a lot of fun with Pattern Player with this mapping that I am working on! The following is my setup.

Unit 1 = Pattern Player

Unit 2 = Gater + LoFi + Filter-0

Unit 3 = IceVerb + 92-O + 92

Unit 4 = Delay (standard delay effect in single mode)

I am using a button row on my controller to play 4 different patterns (gate) and using other buttons to apply effects to shape the sample.

This all works great until I activate Unit 4 --> Button 2 in Delay effect to freeze the sound. It sounds slightly off-kilter. It seems like the Pattern Player is introducing additional latency and that the Delay effect is not measuring and compensating for it in the output to set everything in perfect sync.

Otherwise I love the idea and how easy is to create build up and break down using a single Pattern Player without sacrificing a Deck.

Please create the Pattern Player Effect for the Group FX Unit mode and also as a Mixer Effect :) That would be super useful.


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