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Hello on the Board,

I'm wanting to import drum midi files from Logic Pro into Maschine, at the moment I just get the scenario where a bass drum imports into the first of the 16 slots but nothing more, I understand this is because of mid-mapping issues, can anyone provide a workflow?

Thankz ahead


  • darkogav
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    Not sure that will work. You need to work with Maschine in your DAW and route midi. At least thats how I do it

    Or the easier way, just work in mascine and export as wave tracks and import into DAW and work with those. It's much easier. I just make sure I match the temp and project rate in maschine and DAW and then work with them interchangeably.

  • sunbambino
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    Watched a video explaining how to bring Addictive Drums midi into Maschine and that works fine tho it's a multi-step operation, not just drag n drop. For instance you have to set AD up to be in GM mode first.

    Must be possible to do this somehow?

    But I'll look into just routing the midi like U suggest, could be a workaround I agree

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    Yes, you have to change the MIDI channel of each particular hit in Logic, So all kicks Ch1, all snares Ch2 etc etc, then change the note of every hit to C3 too, so that they trigger the samples correctly in Maschine.

    No idea what scripting/macros is like in Logic, but you could put a macro together in Reaper, and just use that to convert your files.

  • sunbambino
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    Could you show me how you route midi from Logic to Maschine? Or link me to a tutorial?

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