Wierd Storage mode on maschine plus

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Hello everyone ,

I've a very strange issue (i guess ) with maschine Storage mode.

It looks like this

And not like this

It works for transfert samples but reaktor ensembles (like the Channel converter Seen in this video https://youtu.be/CeLQKpJzWME ) are not Seen on the maschine

Does anyone has a same issue ?


  • Peter Harris
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    I don't understand why people bother with all that storage mode /controller mode stuff. I just take the SD card out of my M+ and put it via a USB adapter into my computer. Easy peasy.

    Just need to remember the locations on the Maschine software and SD card to copy any needed files for the needed projects. (On Windows I can add those directories as favorites in File Manager so they're always in my directory tree at the top. Pretty sure you can do the same with aliases on the Mac.)

    As an added bonus make sure I'm regularly backing up my projects and their subdirectories on M+ and Maschine sw both directions. (Fortunately both seem to use relative path names so it generally works both directions.)

    If I were more organized I could probably create something to copy changed files both directions to the right paths in one click every time I insert the M+ SD card on my computer. Some day.

    Sorry @MANBehindTheMachines, my comments probably didn't help you with your issue though. I suspect it's connected to whether or not the power adapter is connected to the M+ the same time as the USB cable. I only ever use one or the other and never have problems. Try disconnecting the adapter from the M+ and see if that helps.

    Hopefully someone else here will have a better answer.

  • MANBehindTheMachines
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    Thanks for reply, i samples a lot of things and , to rename and sort correctly my recordings I prefer keep it connected to my pc ( pc that hasn't and sd card slot ).

  • Jeremy_NI
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    @MANBehindTheMachines I've created a ticket out of this post and will forward it to one of our Maschine Plus specialists. He should get in touch soon.

  • MANBehindTheMachines
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    Ok thanks :) maybe it's just the firmware version 0.1.9

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