Is it normal for Komplete Kontrol M32 Modulation Strip to be Laggy?

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Hey guys I really appreciate If you can help me with this issue.

I just bought a Komplete Kontrol M32 and It's perfect, except the Modulation strip, It's laggy. I can say %30 of times the CC Data jumps randomly, and even when I hold my finger on the strip and not moving at all, the CC monitor jumps randomly.

I've been in touch with NI Support but they didn't back to me at all.

I'm really upset as It's a brand new.

Btw I have a Nektar Impact Lx Plus 88 keys which I use next to it and that works completely fine.

As the picture shows how the Modulation recorded with lag in Cubase.

I test it on 2 different PCs one with Windows 11 and other with Windows 10, the result is exactly same. I changed the buffer size, used Steinberg Power Scheme in Cubase, and tried to update the Firmware which already was the latest one, so nothing help.

Any helps really appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Mehran You can monitor the MIDI activity of your keyboard: How to Monitor the Input of a MIDI Controller

    Try with no other programs running, no Cubase, no Komplete Kontrol, just plug the keyboard and see if there is unusual or unwanted MIDI activity. Is there activity even when you are not touching the device?

  • Mehran
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    Thank you so much for getting back to me @Jeremy_NI

    Now I'm sure it's a hardware problem. I ran MIDI-OX (every other App was closed) and when I use the Modulation the numbers do not go in a row from 0X to 7X (I mean the "DATA2" column) in the middle it jumps up and down randomly. And when I hold my finger and not moving it at all, it still sends Data. The PitchBend Strip works completely fine, no lag not at all.

    If you have any other tips I would appreciate it.

    BTW when not touching the Strips there's no signal coming in, the problem starts when I start using it.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Answer ✓

    Well, if it's a hardware issue the best is to contact our hardware department:

  • Mehran
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    Thank you so much @Jeremy_NI for the help. Yes I'm gonna be in touch with them. Cheers.☺️

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