My Komplete Kontrol software is treating my s61 mk1 as an mk2. Browser is useless to me

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Hi Folks,

Please help me out here. I'm desperate , have tried everything and just can't figure out the solution.

My PC (windows 10) crashed and I'm in the middle of a huge rebuild. You can imagine.

Anyway, as of right before PC crash( runDLL problem), all was fine. Was running latest KK software(the newest vst/vst3 one) Worked as always. All manufacturer's VIs, plugins, etc came up on keyboard as they have for serval years. So startd my NI reinstalls. downloaded NA 2 (it was just there) My KK software came up such that my browser button just showed an empty screen on keyboard and that fancy extra preset screen on my PC screen. It is operating s if I have an MK2. As you know, the s61mk1 can't run on it. I have a small m32 at my second home setup that it can run on. Has to do with the knob on m32 and others as being able to manipulate the keyboard. So I downsizwd back to NA 1. Reinstalled their KK. No change.

So, Ive tried the NI drivers for mk1. Device manager then still labels it as a KK mk2. desperately need a solution. It worked perfectly for years. I love the 2.8 and the vsts 3s. But this is crazy.

Do I do a keyboard factory reset? A database reset? I'm out of my league here.

I'm totally dependent on seeing things on the keyboard. I've lways been able to, including KK 2.8 up until this crash just a few days ago Did several reinstalls. Someone please just help restore some sanity to my life. I literally live off of Jason's incredible NKS presets for third party stuff as well as my very large collection of NI stuff.. Jason has advised me as far as he can, but no luck so far.

Any advice, ideas, recommendations, hopefully solutions very welcome. This must be relatively simple, if one knows the answer. I clearly don't.

I did send a support ticked into NI, but they aren't quickest in responding, as you all well know.


Steven Kaufman


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