Using Komplete Kontrol mk1 AND mk2 keyboards together in Windows 11

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When I upgraded to Windows 11, everything worked fine EXCEPT for my (quite fortunately) having both a mk1 S-88 and a mk2 S-49, which ceased to work together when using either Komplete Kontrol or Maschine, either in standalone or as a plugin.

I tracked the problem down to Windows 11 no longer recognizing the difference between the device spellings "Komplete Kontrol" for mk1 devices and as "KOMPLETE KONTROL" for mk2 devices internally. It cares not for upper/lower case.

The fix I performed was to open the registry editor and then go through the entire registry using F3 search and F5 search again, looking for every instance of the ALL-CAPS version, KOMPLETE KONTROL. I removed the space between the words, so it displayed KOMPLETEKONTROL instead, and suddenly I could use both keyboards again, somewhat proving my theory now that Windows 11 simply did not appreciate NI simply using case-only to differentiate between the two devices. I was very happy to discover that updating the drivers did not write-over my registry changes!

Let me know if you encountered this problem yourself, and if you did, whether you found a simpler fix, or whether my registry fix worked for you!


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