Maschine Plus + KA6 Mk1 SPDIF issue

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Hello everyone!

I have an issue on using KA6 Mk1 with Maschine Plus (Maschine hereinafter) while developing the following signal flow.

KA6 is connected to Maschine via USB. I route Maschine's Ext. Stereo Out 1 to KA6 SPDIF Out that is detected as Outs 5-6 in Maschine. KA6 SPDIF Out is connected to Arturia Audiofuse SPDIF In. And then the signal is routed to speakers. Everything works fine, I hear everything that comes out of the Maschine.

But when I'm sending signal from Audiofuse SPDIF Out (I can see the signal on meters for this output) to KA6 SPDIF In there's no signal detected on Maschine (i.e. on Sampling tab). I route KA6 SPDIF In (detected in Maschine as Ins 5-6) to Maschine's External Stereo In 3.

Sample rate on my Audiofuse is set to 44,1 kHz and I guess it's the same for Maschine + KA6 setup.

Can you give me any piece of advice on how I can get this signal flow working?

P.S. With the last Maschine Plus update its stability decreased comparing to the version that introduced auto-sampling feature. Am I the only one facing it?

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