How to have custom pad layouts and swap out kits?

jolly Dodger
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I need to record some midi while finger drum jamming, and then go back and browse kits by loading them to hearing a different kit in the context of the the rest of the song.

The problem is that I don’t always play with the horizontal trad. layout of 1:kick 2:snare 3:HHC but.. a vertical layout 4:kick 8:snare 12:HHC (i.e. if I rotated the box anti-clockwise 90deg.)

If move my pads around and the record some midi that’s great, but when I swap the kit it does not remember the pad moves, so the wrong drum part sounds. i.e I have to load each pad individually rather than a whole kit.

If I create a separate group for midi output only and do a midi-loop out of the box and back in to another group receiving midi, that works, but I have to use an external sequencer due to Maschine not being able to turn off recording midi, while still responding to midi. i.e. the ‘arm’ feature in daws or other boxes.

better ideas anyone, am I missing a trick here to be able to use custom pad layouts and swap out kits?


  • Uwe303
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    if you really need it then you can only buy a akai mpd 218 or something like that, midi map it like you need it and then it should work with almost all kits. As you already pointed out there is no (easy) way to do it to all kits, you would have to do it one by one and save them.

  • Peter Harris
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    I think you could do it in Pluginguru's Unify VST in one of the MIDI remapping utilities that comes with it. But you'd have to ask around on their community support forum see if somebody could help you with it.

  • jolly Dodger
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    Thanks. Forgot to mention that I’m on a M+, so can’t use extra software, and don’t want to hang some pads off a box that allready has pads..

    Love to have a feature fix for this problem either have a ‘arm’ feature (i.e. a ‘focus only’ that only records on the current group, but not others that are inputing midi).. or a way of swapping kits that remembers where you have moved your pads. Or routing pads between groups… Or some other workaround that NI imagines.

  • Uwe303
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    You can do the last thing you've mentioned, once you've swapped the pads of a kit you can save the group and then you'll find then under user/groups.

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    You will ned to send MIDI out to MIDI in, create a group that has the mapping you want, send that out of the MIDI out on the back of the +, then back to the MIDI in on the back of the +, use that MIDI input to a group that you use to browse kits, not ideal, but should work.

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