Paste events on top of what I Copy.

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  • Kevin topsey
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    can someone help for years I have been trying to figure this out if I copy and and paste I don't want it to paste ahead I would like for it to paste on top of the existing copy then move up or down 12 semitone using shift active combo. and idea how to copy in place ,anyone out their

  • D-One
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    No need to message me about things, just ask or tag me in your own public thread so the answer can also help others. Avoid asking offtopic questions in unrelated posts.

    Maschine has a very peculiar copy-paste, to say the least. From the controller even with Grid turned off MAS will use the grid value to paste ahead, so if Grid is set to 1/8 it will paste 1/8 ahead of where the Playhead is.

    The workaround for this is to Copy, then move the Playhead back/forward then put it back in the initial position again and Paste, this will force the Paste on top of what you're copying then you can just use the Octave+ HW combo shortcut.

    From the SW Paste uses mouse click position, so just make sure to take that into account and you can indeed paste on top of what you copy.

  • Kevin topsey
    Kevin topsey Member Posts: 2 Member

    it was not always like this buy I think some people were not seeing that the copy was place on the original either that or iam crazy . but I do believe years ago with the old maschine it copied un top of what ur copying . iam aware of ur work arround thanks for replying , seems redundant to have to move playhead back tho u think someone can write a hack for this

  • Impermanence
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    This copy paste system is not intuitive at all. It is horrible. Who invented it? Why?

    If paste would paste on playhead position it would be logical. Now we are wondering why it is what it is.

    Users are asking for hacks to fix the user experience. Is that good thing?

  • ozon
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    There's even more to copy/paste if you copy Events from one Pattern to another.

    If you have Events that are not on the Grid, and you want to keep their relative Position to the Grid on the new Pattern:

    1. Select Events to copy
    2. Move Playhead to the nearest quarter (or bar) position before the Events
    3. Copy
    4. Navigate to destination Pattern / Location
    5. Move Playhead to the nearest position before the destination position for the Events
    6. Paste

    Now the Events are pasted relative to the Playhead. But only for the first Paste operation. Subsequent paste operations, or if you move the Playhead again, result in pasting the Events exactly at the Playhead!

    It reads more confusing than it actually is when you execute the procedure. After a while it feels pretty natural.

  • D-One
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    edited January 2023

    The main problem of getting used to it for me is that I use many other SW and MAS is the only one with such a strange copy-paste, especially when in Keyboard mode... I'd rather it just used the normal convention instead of trying to reinvent the wheel into a square tbh...

    Indeed... You just have to mess around a ton to find out how it works, I don't think even the manual covers all the quirks.

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