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I wouldn’t normally post something like this in a community discussion but I’m really needing some pressure out on my support ticket.

Here’s the gist: I’m taking a DJ course with Berklee that is built around the S4 & Traktor. I get a voucher code for a little discount on a single item from my school for taking this course. I decided to take the financial hit and buy the S4 to get the most out of this class. I get my personalized voucher code and go to check out with the S4. I have an error at payment (never even typed in my card info), refresh and update my cart, try to apply the voucher and it doesn’t work. I see in my past orders that I have a ‘cancelled order’ - so it is registering my voucher as used even though I never got to complete the original order. It’s a pretty expensive purchase for a college student to make because a course is built around it so I really need that little discount. I put a ticket in a few days ago but haven’t heard back and unfortunately I am supposed to be up and running with a controller and Traktor right now. I don’t want to get behind in class because I’m trying to give NI my money 😂 It was difficult to even convince myself to consider spending this money but I finally did and now I’m running into these issues and time constraints putting me behind.

If anyone in the company or support team sees this please help!

I look forward to joining the NI/Traktor community, just help me get there!



  • lilcroissant
    lilcroissant Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Side note: I didn’t know about the controller requirements and recommendations prior to class starting and was planning on using my DDJ-400. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in such a crazy rush right now. I could try to remap the DDJ-400 and get by but with lessons literally built around the S4 I want to make sure I’m getting the most I can out of this. And also not purchasing Traktor for full price in the mean time for it to also come free with the controller later on. If I end up just purchasing Traktor - I will not be buying an NI controller at all because I simply can’t do these redundant fees at this time.

  • lilcroissant
    lilcroissant Member Posts: 3 Newcomer

    Update: This is solved! Thank you (:

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @lilcroissant glad to hear you could use the voucher now. Hope the S4 is back in stock so you can get it soon!

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