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I am close to getting the Mschine Jam I have to working again as a control surface in MIDI mode with Logic. But something caught my attention and I could use some guidance to resolve this.

Awhile back, I have taken the Mackie Control Light template in the Controller Editor and made some modifications to it, adding four additional touch strip pages for other uses and/or applications (ie, General MIDI, Kontakt, Logic Smart Controls, Omnisphere). To do that, I have moved the Mute button that were part of the Group buttons to one row of the matrix buttons above, then making the default Mute row the Touch Strip page row. This was awhile back.

Today, as I was testing out my current hardware/software setup, I realized that the lights on the Touch Strips are not on, though I am able to move the faders up and down in Logic with the touch strips, and I'm also able to pan when enabling Flip mode on the Jam, though again no lights.

I'm not sure where about I enable them. I ended up loading a fresh Mackie Control Light template, and in that instance the lights do show up. I have tried traversing through the inspector on the right side of the Controller Editor to see if there was anything obvious that I could turn on and off, but I wasn't successful.

I am hoping to get guidance on finding out how to enable the lights for the touch strips to use them on the other template that I have created awhile back.

Also, is it possible for the lights on the touch strips to reposed to levels in real-time? Not sure what it would take, but I have tried last month to do this and so far I am not winning.

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    i have my maschine jam with the light strips all working... did all the necessary routing and controller editor templates etc..

    i have it working using reaper.. i used 3 methods to get it working until i was satisfied with the easiest and most efficient method.

    method 1

    use a plugin or a function that will output midi note velocity, convert that output of velocity to a CC number and that is what you assign your touchstrip Channel+CC

    method 2

    download midivu (32bit VST) not free

    Track requires a midiVU vst and the channels set... so setting 16 tracks would be your max

    allows you modify & set the midi Channel & CC number which corresponds to some Midi Led outputs

    and the speed of Led update

    Method 3

    VST realearn (reaper onlyVST)

    this is by far the best method, effecient and easy to setup but reaper only(using peaks in realearn)

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    I don't think theres a way to disable the lights. I'd say just re-do your modifications to the template 1 thing at a time, test each one and see what exactly broke it. Are your touchstrips still assigned to MCU with correct parameter 1-8 ID's? It should work.

    Note the MCU/mackie emulation uses tons of a MIDI Data fore very specific things, if you mess about too much you will for sure break stuff. For example:

    Pitch Bend data is used to tell the "faders" position/volume.

    Mackie controllers only had an 8 segment led meters, so the built-in solution was to use Channel pressure data for that - If the Jam mackie emulation doesn't respond to this then i doubt you can force it, theres a conflict here because leds are used to tell position on a Jam, if they jump around as meters do then how can you tell at what value they are at?

    It's a fader VS touchstrip issue and it wouldn't make sense to have the leds jumping around so i doubt NI adapted that part of Mackie on the template.

    6xes solutions are very interesting, not sure how any of that can translate to Logic tho.

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