Changing Group (or Sound) Output Destination with Ext Lock Snapshots

killy.ridols Member Posts: 5 Newcomer

Hi there everyone!

Lets say you have a Group A with sounds and two types of FX buses.

First one is a SEND/RETURN type, audio from the Group (A) goes to Master and also to Delay (C) and Reverb (D) units via AUX Audio Out.

Second one is for experiments with the sound - you send Group (A) main audio destination to Group (H) with lots of chained effects, one after another and start experiment with a signal.

Sometimes, you want to switch between these two types of signal processing with a single tap (to go from insanely processed audio to the clean one but with AUX effects and to the completely clean signal).

So, i decided to try to automate it via Ext Lock snapshots. And then i found out that you cant automate audio Destination with snapshots. You can automate audio level that goes to AUX sends, audio level of the main output of the group, but not the Destinations.

Well, maybe there is some workaround or something?

Would be glad to hear your ideas!


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