Thanks for the help with the FM12 project guys.

Studiowaves Member Posts: 401 Advisor

This was a two year long project. I couldn't have done it without the forum.

Going to put it in the users library soon but wanted to ask for suggestions first.

Basically it's the 50 year old FM synth with many improvements.

I primarily use it to add missing sympathetic resonance to some sampled pianos when the sustain pedal is depressed but have included some general patches of electric pianos and other things. This is made to be used with an 88 note weighted action keyboard but it's kinda fun using midi files of piano music too. A breath controller can also be used on some patches and the mod wheel affects vibrato by default.

Naturally it can be layered with Kontakt in a daw to blend the sympathetic resonance.

So thanks again, and here it is.

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