Download Traktor Scratch on second PC

Jepi Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

Hi Guys could you please help me.

I want to start burning off my Vinyl collection, I have Traktor Scratch 2 & 3 on my studio PC however due to lack of space I cant set my decks and mixer up to that PC, I have an old PC running Win 7 Pro, which I could use to burn off my collection.

I'm I able to some how download Traktor from my account, any version will do, as long as I can record, on a second PC.

Could you please help.

Thank You

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  • Karlos Santos
    Karlos Santos Member Posts: 136 Pro
    Answer ✓

    @Jepi the licence agreement for Traktor means you can have 2 installations so you are good to install Traktor on your Win 7 Pro machine.

    If you install Native Access you will be able to install Traktor from there.



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