How do I get Prism FX to work right?

fly3st1 Member Posts: 1 Noise

I am producing a sad song and I found a synth noise named ‘Siren’ that has exactly what I need as far as the effects but I need it to be a piano so I added Prism FX on the piano I want and copying the exact settings that ‘Siren’ has (every setting and knob) and I barely hear the effect! All of the Prism FX options barely play sound until I turn down the Mix knob and then I still barely even hear the FX at all… how do I get this work properly and give me the spacey floaty piano of my dreams?? Please help!



  • Jeremy_NI
    Jeremy_NI BerlinCustomer Care Posts: 3,710 mod

    @fly3st1 What presets exactly? What DAW are you using? Are you using Reaktor FX? Can you post screenshots or a video so we can try and reproduce the issue you are reporting?

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