How to update to Kontakt 7 player in Komplete Start?

Kautta Rantain
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Dear all

I just came up with this issue of how to update (or install alongside Kontakt 6 player) the latest Kontakt 7 fee player in order to use Hypha on it within Komplete Start bundle? I don't seem to manage to get it to work. I originally installed Komplete Start when it came with Kontakt 6 free player sometime in last year, but now the Native Access app won't show me the option to get the upgrade. I reinstalled the version 6 but it won't let me select Kontakt 7 free player.

Thanks in advance!


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  • Kautta Rantain
    Kautta Rantain Member Posts: 2 Newcomer
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    Thanks. But I thought the whole Komplete Start package was not officially meant for Win7, but it still works on it. I just realized I also ran into the dependency installation issue when trying to update Native Access as I thought maybe that update would have helped in this issue too. I did all the tips given, like NTKDaemon update and disabling firewall and virus scan etc. But I guess I must go back to the one I had and uninstall Hypha and forget about it. I'm not ready to take the risk of updating Windows and losing everything.

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