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I purchased KOMPLETE 13 a few years ago which came with Guitar Rig Pro 6. I am now mixing a friend's Ableton Live project and he is using Guitar Rig Pro 5. I have Guitar Rig 5 factory selection so I can load a version of Version 5, but it doesn't seem to be the pro version. The issue is that when I try to load his user presets I get a message saying "This preset can only be loaded after you activated the following product(s): Guitar Rig 5 Pro."

It's not an option to use Guitar Rig 6 as he needs to continue with the session and keep version Pro 5. Is it possible to get a license for 5 Pro because I own 6 Pro?

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  • peter verberne
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    I don't think it is possible to transfer GR Pro presets between different computers. Keep that in mind when buying a new laptop or workstation as well.

    It only works if all the path names in the presets are exactly identical. Since your friend probably has a different name than you, this will not work. Even when you own GR5 pro.

    With a little patience, you try can rebuild your friend's in GR6. That would be a very good exercise! Good luck!

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    Hi Peter, thanks for the response. Damn, that wasn't the news I was hoping to hear. Put as I mentioned, I have been able to import his presets. I just can't open them as I only have GR 5, not the pro version.

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    You could try to find someone selling a GR5 Pro license on the Buy/Sell/Trade post or Ebay...

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