GetGood Drums Invasion - Samples glitching on fast beats

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Hi everyone,

DAW: Reaper

Interface: Fireface 800 (drivers up-to-date)

Win 10/64g Ram

Kontakt 6.7.1/Invasion 1.3.0

I'm getting really bad glitching only when my drum patterns are (humanly) fast and busy--especially with double kick and 1/4 snares + hats.

Here's what I've tried without success:

a) Increase buffer size on FF800

b) Increased instrument preload buffer size in Kontakt to max (240kb)

c) Increased multiprocessor support to 16 cores (to match my processor; not sure if this actually means anything in Reaper's plugin architecture)

d) Disabled instant playback for unloaded samples.

Does anyone have any advice? The glitching begins to occur after a short while, not right away: if I have an 8 bar midi item at 200bpm, the glitching begins around the end of the second time through.


  • Kaiwan_NI
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    Hi @Miscreant could it because of an effect chain? Here's someone with a similar issue.

  • Miscreant
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    Thanks for chiming in. I appreciate your help!

    I looked at that thread and saw that the consensus there is to change the buffer rate up to 1024. I've done this (both in Reaper and in my Fireface settings), and it helps, but only marginally: I'm still getting glitchy samples on fast drum sections, though it takes a bit longer for the glitches now to arise. (Performance still improves when I reduce bpm, currently at 200).

    As well, as mentioned in the other thread, rendering is working perfectly fine. So I think this has something to do with the audio interface/Reaper/Kontakt connection on playback.

  • Miscreant
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    Turns out that the buffer rate is irrelevant here. I didn't realize Kontakt has a drop down menu where I can increase the number of available samples. It was set at 500, and these fast beats I'm talking about where causing glitching because they are averaging around 700 samples.

    I increased the max sample size considerably and now have no issues.

  • Gr33bo
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    Incase this helps anyone this is what I increased on GGD with this issue

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