Appreciation post of M+ and Loopop!

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Being sick over Christmas and New Year and watching Loopop’s FULL filmography I can’t say anything else than that I’m inexplicably happy I chose Maschine+ compared to other instruments within a similar realm of possibilities. The power, versatility, workflow, and now being super stable makes it the best almost-all-in-one standalone unit. Yes, it may lack a thing here or there, yes, competitors have evolved their products (been watching loads of update-videos and workflow videos of competitors), but even then the M+ is superior.

What I hope for is that NI or whoever sits at the steering wheel behind M+ now, don’t just leave it to fade now that it has started to work properly.

Huge thanks to Loopop for sparking an interest for me (have some ideas of how to expand my bunker).

Also, THANK YOU NATIVE INSTRUMENTS for the M+. Please make it thrive!!!

On a last note I must say an mc101 (don’t think I need mc707) to use as 4 tone channels would really assist the M+ very well. Different sounding beast.

Anyway, don’t get lost in all the issues posted, of course people need help and and those who do will post about it, but I guess that there’s even more users who don’t experience same issues.

To all M+ owners out there, I salute thee! Go cherish your M+ and show it some love next time you go to create music.

Admin please close thread before hell breaks loose.

Much love to y’all and have a great 2023!



  • Nico_NI
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    Awesome @djadidai, pretty cool to have some positive feedbacks around here sometimes 🙃

    I do also believe M+ can be very capable, even more today since stability has been greatly improved.

    @djadidai said:

    Admin please close thread before hell breaks loose.

    I'll keep an eye on it in case it goes out of hand!

  • Peter Harris
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    Very well said. I wholeheartedly agree. Team M+! 😆

  • Flexi
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    There are a couple of well documented big pains in the ass with M+, sub folder depth still breaks my heart regularly hahaha, but the thing is really good to be fair, It could definitely do with a bit of an easier/well documented way to port Reaktor stuff, just because that puts it on par with any other standalone.

    Anything else that is missing has been missing in the desktop software for years, and that is still an amazing tool too.

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