Maschine+ strange encoder behavior (hardware issue)

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Hey there. I'm pretty sure I have a hardware bug on my beloved Maschine+ but I thought I throw that in here first before sending it in.

Problem: One of the Encoders is behaving strange. When I move it in either direcion it starts to adjust the parameter up and down in a circular pattern. Means, when I move the encoder upwards it may start to bring the parameter up for a bit but then changes its direction downwards and then back upwards after a bit. I was a bit jittery for some time but now it's pretty constant.

The problem occurs on all instances: Standalone, in Maschine Software (PC) and even reflected in the NI Controller Editor.

I usually have a Maschine Jam, an Iconnectivity Midi Router and Tascam Model 12 connected. A Restart with everything disconnected doesn't solve the issue.

I just tried a hardware reset: still the same issue.

Are there any other ideas to solve the problem? Or is it likely to be a faulty encoder?

Love and virtual hugs go to every helping engagement :)


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey Kinskop, welcome to the new forum, I really wish I had better news for your first post but that definitely looks like a hardware issue. I'd definitely recommend getting in touch with our Hardware department, they will guide you on how to proceed:

  • George Theohari
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    I had same issue on M+ (I understand it's quite common, though the Mk3 I had previously never suffered!), and NI fixed it under warranty - got the M+ back recently and all seems to be working fine now. big thanks to NI for hassle-free support on this.

  • kinskop
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    Oh my....but okay...I already thought so. Thank you so much for answering. I had a similar issue on my MK2 back in the days but that took way longer until it occured. It's okay as it's still under warranty. It's just a hassle because it's the centerpiece of my hardware setup.

    Anyone knows if they're handling their hardware support here in Berlin? That would at least bring the delivery times down.

  • Matt_NI
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    @kinskop Our repair centre is not in Berlin but shipping in Germany isn't taking that much longer.

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