Can I import and save sounds from my electronic drum set module into the software?

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Hello Everyone, I hope that you are all doing well. I have never used any of the Native Instruments software, but I just bought a couple used Maschine MK1's and an used Maschine Mikro MK2 to try them out. I have three drum set modules, a Simmons, a KAT, and a Roland set. I am giving away one set to my little cousin and I want to import thee sounds so that I can use them within the program if possible.

Is this possible? I would hope so, but I can understand why the manufacturers would prevent creating a copy of the sounds to use without the modules.


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    You would need to use the “auto sample” feature in Maschine to record the drum sounds. Search YouTube for “Maschine Autosampler” for more info!

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    Thank You. Now that I am actually using the software, it seems that there are all sorts of sounds, but it couldn't hurt to get some more sounds. I have a vintage synsonics drum machine, a roland td-25, a simmons sd7k, and a Kat KT2 set. I have a set of original 60's Gon Bops with original heads that I want to get recorded also, but I need to get mics to record them.

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