Native Now subscription with voucher?

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It’s like 13 years I get vouchers from you that I don’t use because being a REALLY loyal customer I practically own everything you got (included maaaany hardware controllers, Audio interfaces and Komplete Collector).

Practically being a loyal NI customer is counterproductive, cause it means you’ll never be able to benefit of ANY offer.

Every time I’m recommending the NI ecosystem to someone, one of the “selling points” is “look man, with the price of the hardware they are giving you also xxx $ of software, synths, fxs…practically you are paying very little for the hardware”.

Then I stop one moment and think…wait…this means when I bought my 2nd, 3rd, 4th Maschine (yes, at one moment between all different models I had 5 Maschine at home…) I was overpaying it? I already own the bundled software 3-4-5 times and I have to pay like the others. Same is valid for some updates in the Komplete bundles, if you own a previous “bigger” version.

I do understand that offers are made to catch NEW customers and vouchers for selling one more software. But for NI loyal customers the situation is quite “we are not rewarding you, we are enticing you”. But I can’t even be enticed, cause I know that if I buy an expansion with the voucher discount, I’ll have it double again when I’ll update my Collector’s edition…

So…my question is: could we at least use vouchers to have a couple of months of Komplete Now subscription? This way I could at least use 1 or 2 software for a couple of month before I’ll own them with my Collector’s update



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    I believe the voucher won't work as Komplete Now already has an active special offer (the free trial).

    Here's an extract of the voucher Terms & Conditions:

    "The e-voucher is valid for all Native Instruments software products in the NI Online Shop, excluding hardware, updates, upgrades, crossgrades, educational versions, and products already on special offer."

    Feel free to double check with our order support though.

  • LostInFoundation
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    I know it won’t work…I read these terms & conditions for 13 years to find a way to use those damned vouchers. What I’m asking here is to ALLOW it to work

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