Session Horns (not Pro) - Control articulations with additional MIDI notes?

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Hi. I'm new to Kontact and Session Horns. Using Studio One. Is it possible, like with a number of other virtual instruments, to add articulations per note by also pressing (or programming) another MIDI key at the same time? For example, having say C-2 as "fall slow"? I dont want to be using the same articulation across the whole horn part.




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    As far as I know the keyswitch will always apply across the board to the instruments on that track. That's consistent with all other virtual instrument libraries. If you want to separate them to have their own articulations you need to have them in their own tracks. In your case the easiest way would be to separate out the one horn part that does the slow fall in it's own track just for the fall.

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    What I have read is that SH has separate articulation .nki's. So rather than use separate tracks, you could create an instrument bank with each articulation in a slot. Then use bank slots as switches.

    Otherwise, I read you need SH Pro, which has articulation keyswitches.

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